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arrested 20-year-old vincent gallegos who was at the scene when the police arrived. police say gallegos say he had found wright bleeding, but his story didn't quite add up. gallegos was not able to explain why he had blood on himself. >> it doesn't even feel real right now. i don't know what could have taken place for this guy to kill my brother like that. >> so i was saying prayers for him. >> reporter: nbc bay area has learned in the last few moments of eric wright's life, this good samaritan, june ferrero was there comforting him. she was there when wright took his last breath. >> someone was there with him, and that he wasn't alone. >> i'm just thankful that she decided to walk that path and to be there for my son in his last moments. >> reporter: now, detectives found a knife at the park that knife is at the lab right now to determine if it was the one used in the stabbing. we're live in san jose tonight, george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> okay, george, thanks for the
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update. detectives are still piecing together the bizarre murder of a 69-year-old man from san jose. stanley jacobson was found stabbed to death in his home at the hilltop manor senior apartments this week. he was hidden beneath a pile of linens and blankets. jacobson's body had apparently been there for an entire month despite visits from several people, including the missing person's unit from the san jose police department. >> in viewing the photo, it's fairly obvious that any normal reasonable person would have done a cursory search as they are basically required to do. and not many people, if any would have found this body. it was underneath a lot of clutter. >> officers have arrested 46-year-old regina butler in connection with his death. neighbors describe her as jacobson's girlfriend. police say they had been investigating her on suspicion of defrauding jacobson out of insurance money. now to a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. she was accused of a heinous crime, a peninsula teacher charged with physically abusing
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two of her young autistic students. but tonight she is completely clear to have had charges and speaks with our own sheryl hurd. she joins us live in redwood city tonight. >> reporter: we spoke exclusively with that teacher, and she said she spent an entire year waiting for justice. and tonight she says she got it. >> i had faith that the truth would come out. that the ending would be a good ending for me. >> reporter: alexia bogdis says she has been waiting for the truth to come out future a year. bogdis was accused last february of slapping, kicking, and withholding food from two 5-year-old boys in her classroom at roosevelt elementary school in redwood city. on thursday, san mateo county d.a. dropped all nine counts of misdemeanor abuse charges against her. >> i have never abused the child. i'm sorry the parents were given information that led them to believe such things. but i -- from day one have
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maintained my innocence. >> reporter: bogdis says she built a reputation as a good teacher over the past 20 years. five years ago she says she decided to focus on children in special education. >> and i think some of the strategies used with this population are misunderstood by the general public. >> reporter: last year, seven teachers' aides came forward saying bogdis abused children in her classroom. one family accused her of causing unexplained bruises on their autistic son and withholding water. >> of course they're going to change their story. >> reporter: san francisco attorney christopher dolan is reacting tonight to the d.a.'s decision to drop charges. >> once again, the system has failed this child. it failed to protect this child when this was happening. it's failed now to give this child justice through the criminal courts. >> reporter: bogdis' attorney disagrees. >> we never believed the initial stories, that the aides would sit there and watch abuse that
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they had initially described and not report it to anybody. >> i hope that this decision by the district attorney will help to give people confidence that there are safety measures in place to protect people, students, anybody from abuse. those systems work, especially when they're followed. >> reporter: his client is hoping the system continues to see she did not abuse children. >> i'm sorry that we all had to go through this. >> reporter: those charges may have been dropped, but a civil suit is on the horizon. we're also told that four teachers' aides are now fighting to get their jobs back. reporting live in redwood city, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, chilling video. surveillance footage shows a woman being robbed on her doorstep in oakland. tonight police are hoping the video helps them track down other victims. take a look. scary situation. this happened back on february 6
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near the corner of east 17th and 20th avenue. investigators say they linked the robbery to the case gang, a notorious street gang accused of some of oakland's most violent crime. it just so happened officers arrested 18 suspected gang members and seized 11 firearms during a series of early morning raids today. it's unclear if any of those arrested were linked to this robbery. he took to twitter to try to clear the air following his arrest. tonight mc hammer took to twitter again, this time to announce he is in the clear. he tweeted thank you to all my friends and supporters. all charges declined, dropped. have a great weekend. the local music legend was arrested last month in dublin on charges of resisting an officer. the alameda county sheriff's office says hammer was in a car that was not registered to him and the registration had expired. hammer claims the first words out of the officer's mouth were, quote, are you on patrol or probation? hammer has maintained he was the
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victim of racial profiling. it's a local landmark and a mecca for california cuisine. but tonight world famous chez panais is closed. the legendary chef calls it heartbreaking. the flames broke out under the front porch of the downstairs dining room. it destroyed the front of the restaurant built by woodworkers some four decades ago. >> it has, you know, old growth redwoods and all of those things that we aren't using anymore. i'm broken up about it. it's no longer there. it's gone. it's the piece of art that has been taken. >> firefighters are still trying to pinpoint the exact cause, but believe electrical wiring may have played a role. today waters tweeted she plans to have the cafe section back open by next weekend. a new approximately to ban gun shows at the cow palace and other parts of the bay area was introduced today.
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mark leno drafted a bill that would require the county to pass a resolution before a gun show could be held at a county facility. the bill is the latest of many attempts to ban gun shows at the cow palace. in 2009, then governor arnold schwarzenegger vetoed a similar ban. not guilty. that's the plea from a san jose man accused of trying to bomb an oakland bank as part of a terrorist plot. matthew llaneza faces federal charges for allegedly trying to bomb a bank of america branch in oakland last month. authorities say they arrested llaneza just after he tried to detonate a bomb, a bomb he did not realize was a fake. it was created under the supervision of an undercover fbi agent. if convicted, llaneza faces life in prison. san jose mayor chuck reed says improving public safety is a top priority as his city's finances improve. he released his march budget message today. in it, mayor reed explained what he wants to do with the limited amount of new funding that will be available in the upcoming budget cycle. among his recommendations, he
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wants to increase the number of police officers and firefighters on the streets. reed is also recommending pay increases for veteran police officers to help keep them on the force. on monday, thousands of workers in san jose will get a raise, thanks to measure d. the minimum wage will jump two bucks to $10 an hour. at san jose's pizza my heart, the wage boost already went into effect. the owner says it hurts his bottom line a bit, but the employees like it. those who supported measure d say raising the minimum wage will eventually bring tens of millions of dollars to the local economy. opponents believe it could ultimately force small businesses to cut jobs. a simple twist of fate turned a local man into a multimillionaire. >> i was by myself at home. and i started screaming by myself. >> still ahead at 11:00, the craving that led an east bay man to stop for a lottery ticket. plus, how he and his wife plan to help the community. also ahead, the bold idea that could cost you each time you send an e-mail.
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plus, taking your love of movies to a whole new level. what one man received for getting a netflix tattoo. and around the bay area tonight we still have some clouds, and eventually some chilly temperatures by tomorrow morning. some 30s and 40s. to get your saturday morning started as we look for some clearing skies. and a big warm-up in the forecast, which will arrive, as we go through the weekend. we'll let you know that means for your temperatures when we come right back. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way.
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oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. one day out of a jock, the next day a multimillionaire. a walnut creek family has come forward to collect $33 million, all made possible because of the husband's love for pumpkin
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seeds. nbc bay area's arturo santiago is live in walnut creek to explain. arturo? >> reporter: well, janelle, the timing couldn't have been better for this family. this a man who had recently lost his job. and then on a whim, he decides to change up a regular routine that he goes through at this gas station. well, that decision has made him a millionaire. it seems the applause while getting a giant $33 million check is a bit anti-climactic compared to the moments massoud was beginning to realize something big was happening. he was checking the numbers on his superlotto plus tickets. >> remove my eyeglasses, rub my eyes again and again. really, maybe ten times. >> reporter: massoud has bought the ticket at the shell gas station on the 1700 block of ignacio road in walnut creek where he usually buys pumpkin seeds. this time he skipped the pumpkin seeds and instead bought lottery tickets. a friend told him that a winning
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ticket was sold at the gas station and he should check his numbers. that's when he found out his numbers matched. >> i was by myself at home, and i started screaming by myself. >> reporter: once he knew he was a winner, he went to tell his wife, who is a hairdresser in downtown walnut creek. >> just come with me. we have to go to sacramento. she says why? i said we won the lottery. she didn't believe. >> all the way i am asking him are you serious? are you serious? and he said yes. believe me, it's real. >> reporter: what's also very real is they will take the cash payout of about $22 million. the family plans on starting its own business and also helping out friends and other families. we're live tonight in walnut creek, i'm arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. >> thanks so much, arturo. pay to send an e-mail? that's a proposal by a berkeley city councilman in an effort to
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save the cash-strapped postal service. gordon wozniak is proposing a bit tax, a 1 cent charge better gigabit. wozniak says that would raise billions of dollars for the postal service. the idea came about after a local postal building was in jeopardy because of budget cuts. the postal service plans on stopping saturday mail delivery. google has been ordered to pay a $7 million penalty for privacy violations. it will close a joint investigation by attorneys general in more than 30 states. it started in 2010 when they collected e-mails, pass words and other sensitive information during surveillance for their online mapping service. google has maintained it did not break any laws by scooping up the information sent over open networks. the $7 million settlement will be split among those states. there were no arrests and very little resistance as san jose police cleared out a major homeless encampment today
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between mineta imairport and the rose garden. officials are concerned these ebb campments have become unsightly, unsanitary and a risk to public safety. >> i've been out here, i don't even know how long i've been out here. i think eight months. i've never been homeless. i worked all my life, and i'm sick. that's why i'm where i am at today. it's sad that they would give us no resources. >> when we're dealing with encampments, we have to think about balancing the needs of not only the people living out here, but the needs to the community and the potential damage to environment as well. >> city officials say nonprofit organizations have reached out to the people at the encampment for the past month, trying to get them into some sort of housing. some say they don't want to good to the shelter because the rules are too rigid. others just don't qualify. at this time there are not enough beds in san jose to house all of the city's homeless. we now know exactly when catholic cardinals will begin the conclave to select a new pope. the vatican announced this morning the secret election process will begin next tuesday. so here is how it works. the day will start with a mass
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at st. peter's basilica to pray for the new hope. then the cardinals will go into the sistine chapel where they will remain behind closed doors until they collectively agree on a new pope. the magic number here is 77. that's two-thirds. if nobody gets enough votes, they will continue to vote twice a day until a pope is agreed upon, no matter how long that takes. well, the weekend is here, and it's going to look beautiful. let's check with meteorologist rob made dachlt. >> we're going to see changes by the time the weekend wraps up. the cool wind coming off the ocean and the cool air that swept in during the afternoon. 40s and still near 50 outside. but as our skies clear tonight, that's going to set the stage for some 30s by tomorrow morning. at least the wind speeds are starting to back off. around 5:00, we had gusts up to 40 miles per hour at sfo. now wind speeds generally 15 to 25 miles per hour in parts of
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the north bay. and those speeds should continue to drop off as we head through tonight. expect some breezy conditions in the hilltops. as we head into saturday, high pressure building in would give us some north winds as we kick off the weekend and maybe somewhat offshore early next week which is going to lead to warming temperatures well into the 70s. the only question is in the seven-day forecast. how warm it's going to get. well may see some mid- to upper 70s showing up as we head into the first half of next week. but outside right now, we've been watching some moisture, especially towards the sierra. snowshowers starting to shut down. a few stray showers east of san jose within the last two hours. those two are starting to wind down. if you're going to head to the high country, a little bit of good news. overnight another 2 to 4 inches of snow falling around twin bridges and up towards king veil. but the snow should shut down for saturday. after two feet of new snow, it's going to be great to go up and enenjoy. the weather is going to be cooperating with likely chain controls coming back down by the morning. clouds in and around the south
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bay. eventually clearing as we head through the afternoon. and the winds will pick up too, out of the northwest during the afternoon from about 10 to 20 miles per hour in the north bayhill tops. the transition we're going to see come sunday and monday is high pressure building back across northern california. and once we get a little taste of offshore winds come tuesday and wednesday, and i think even into thursday, all of our inland valleys will easily climb into the 70s. and areas south of san jose, you can see mid- to upper 70s by wednesday. and on the coast and the peninsula, not too bad. upper 60s coming up as we head into the new week. needless to say, high pressure building, in not only are we not really going to see any chances of rain, but barely a few high clouds drifting on by. this should be a strong ridge of high pressure other than coastal low clouds. not going to see much to block out that sun as we head into next week. tomorrow morning, we will see a chilly start. plan on some 30s to some low 40s around sunrise. low 60s for the afternoon. the south bay probably a little cooler than temperatures we'll see for tomorrow.
11:18 pm
the tri-valley upper 60s and maybe closer to 70 around pleasanton and fairfield and antioch, you'll see some warming and drying of the air bringing you close to 70 degrees. the warmest spots should be in the north bay. low 70s around napa, sonoma and over to santa rosa. the continue is going to continue to go up for the weekend. looks like sunday we'll see low 70s for the tri-valley and into the north bay once again. and then by monday, tuesday, and wednesday, this is when things really start to warm up. i think as we head towards the middle part of the week, we'll see the temperatures climbing. a few upper 70s possible south of san jose. that's going to be for the middle part of the week. cooling and a few extra clouds. and with sunday we get the extra hour of sunshine because we lose the hour of sleep. >> don't forget to spring forward. >> saturday night. >> okay. thank you so much, rob. coming up, the new app developed here in the bay area that could help with an embarrassing health problem. back in a moment.
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the cdc is warning of a
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deadly new virus that has already killed eight people. a total of 14 people have fallen sick from the virus. it's part of the same family as sars, the respiratory virus that killed 775 people back in 2003. this deadly new virus can be transmitted from person to person. health officials warn it could eventually spread to the u.s. cases have been identified in the middle east and the united kingdom. a new app has been released to help improve sexual health. the free app is called std triage. it allows users to take a photo of their below the belt concerns and submit it anonymously to a team of licensed dermatologists. within a day, the user will receive an e-mail with an educated guess of what the problem might be, and whether or not the use shore book a doctor's appointment. the app's creator stresses it's not a diagnosis service or a substitute for a doctor's visit. well, let's check in now with ahmed fareed in the comcast sports newsroom with a look at
11:22 pm
what is coming up in sports. >> just taking in that last story there, janelle. the rivalry is on. dodgers and giants. buster posey gets a scare in the game. we'll have the highlights from arizona. plus, action from oracle. the warriors trying to do something they haven't done all year, beat the rocket. and palo alto native jeremy lin. that's next in sports. ♪ roundup ♪ i want a weed free season, that's how i roll ♪ ♪ so i reach for roundup extended control ♪ ♪ with the all-new, no pump, one-touch wand ♪ ♪ it kills weeds dead and keeps weeds gone ♪
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ahmed fareed here on the xfinity sports desk. the warriors are loving their home court. they have won their last two inside oracle arena. tonight inviting a team they haven't beat then year. warriors with a crucial matchup in the western conference with the rockets. warriors down two in the fourth. until harrison barnes driving. and he'll finish. ball game all tied up. two minutes left. warriors down three. steph curry finding david lee. slashing for the dunk. warriors down by one.
11:25 pm
under 30 seconds left. last chance for golden state. curry from deep. misses it. warriors do fall again to houston, 94-88. >> we had a good show. the fourth quarter moved the ball pretty well. like i said, they got free so many times, killed our rhythm a little bit. played in the half-court a lot. and weren't able to knock down some momentum-swinging shots that we needed to. but defensively, we played a lot better. so we were still able to have a chance. pac-12 tournament number four. stanford taking on washington state. first half, stanford leads by 12. four defenders all around her. it doesn't matter. you can put five around her. she'll still score. just before the half the steal, and then showing off the speed and athletic ability. coast-to-coast. she had 23 point, 21 rebounds. stanford wins big. they will face number 18 colorado in the semis now.
11:26 pm
all right. a rivalry still a rivalry in the preseason? you bet. when the dodgers and giants square off. unfortunately, mother nature may have won this one. we'll get to the highlights in arizona. dodgers and giants. barry zito on the hill for the giants. start in the first inning, just like they did. two outs, former giant juanish remember b. on a bounce, a ground-rule double. zito gives up three runs in one inning of work. now rain and hail caused a delay. play resumed, though, in the bottom of the first. javi gerow. francisco. the game called in the second. one more note for you. mexico beat team usa in the world baseball classic. sergio romo got the save.
11:27 pm
tomorrow team usa takes on red-hot italy. ryan vogelsong will start for the americans in that one. >> okay, thank you so much. and we'll be right back.
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taking his love of movies to a whole new level. that's what one indiana man did simply because he was a fan of netflix. he tweeted this picture of his tattoo asking the los gatos-based company to put him in a commercial. he didn't get what he wanted, but he did get lots of attention. the people at netflix retweeted him and rewarded him instead with a free one-year subscription. so if i get a tiffany diamond tattoo, are they going to send me a diamond? that would be great. >> that's one way to do it, i suppose. >> so we're going to lose one hour of sleep, but lots of sunshine. >> gain warmer weather. hour by hour tomorrow, 30s and
11:30 pm
40s to start. 1:00 getting close to 70 inland. north bay tomorrow will hit the 70s. i think the rest of the bay area's valleys sunday into monday warming up. we're talking mid-70s and even close to 70 around the inner bay tuesday and wednesday. so spring seems to be making an early appearance on the bay area. >> thank you so much. and thank you so much for joining us. have a wonderful weekend. see you guys next week. it's not what you think. it's a phoenix with 4 wheels. it's a hawk with night vision goggles. it's marching to the beat of a different drum. and where beauty meets brains. it's big ideas with smaller footprints. and knowing there's always more in the world to see.
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yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. >> jay: i am so excited. we have oscar-nominated actress jessica chastain on the show tonight. it's her first time. >> that's right, jay. we should probably hurry up and start getting you ready, here. >> jay: how many minutes till showtime? [ laughter ] >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno,"
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featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "les miserables" best actor oscar nominee, hugh jackman, from "zero dark thirty," best actress oscar nominee, jessica chastain, the music of michael bolton, and "headlines." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jay: thank you! thank you very much! thank you! welcome! thank you! welcome to the super bowl post game show. well, the big super bowl story -- deer antler spray works, how about that? congratulations to baltimore ravens. they are the new super bowl champs. [ cheers and applause ] how many are -- how many were 49ers fans? [ cheers and applause ] that was tough. that was tough. people in san francisco haven't been this disappointed since "sex and the city" went off the air. there're so disappointed. [ laughter ] well, congratulations to coach harbaugh. congratulations to him and -- to coach harbaugh, better luck next time. okay, so -- [ laughter ] [ applause ] and, of course, everybody's talking about the real winner

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